The FusionCAT project is coming to an end and we want to share our achievements with the whole community. To do this, we have held an event in which we invited several companies and institutions related to fusion to comment and discuss with us the latest developments in the sector.


Presentation title

Josep Maria Martorell (BSC) Opening
Presentation of FusionCAT Principal Investigators and Project Partners
Mervi Mantsinen (BSC) FusionCAT as a driving project of the fusion community at national level
Regional, national, european and international opportunities for the fusion community with experts from different regions
Manuel Moreno (CDTI) Opportunities for the fusion community with CDTI
Leonardo Biagioni (F4E) F4E and ITER Opportunities
Lluís Maria Tortras (ACCIÓ) Opportunities for the fusion community
Volker Naulin (EUROfusion) Role of industry in EU fusion research
IFMIF-DONES:status and opportunities
Moisés Weber (CIEMAT/IFMIF-DONES) IFMIF-DONES: status and opportunities