Sustainable Energy Days Conference 2021 - Today's Research Drive is Tomorrow's Sustainability

Sustainable Energy Days Conference 2021 – Today’s Research Drive is Tomorrow’s Sustainability

Catalonia is at the forefront of the European knowledge generation rankings, thanks to its scientific nuclei and the ability to attract talent.

The Barcelona Super Computing Center (BSC) and the Diagonal-Besòs Campus (CDB) of the UPC are examples of scientific centers in the fields of sustainability and energy. The BSC has played an active role in promoting HPC in Spain as an essential tool for international competitiveness in science and engineering. With a total team of more than 725 experts and professionals in R&D, the BSC is a center that manages to attract talent. The research focuses on four fields: Computational Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Computational Applications in Science and Engineering. The CBD has more than 40 research groups and has established itself in a very short time as the second school in scientific productivity at the UPC. The Campus is in full development and within two years it will have new spaces available, more than 10,000 m2 for research and 8,000 m2 for start-ups and companies in the sectors of the areas of sustainability.

Very close to this scientific nucleus is located the headquarters of Fusion for Energy (F4E), the only agency of the European Union located in Catalonia, responsible for one of the most ambitious scientific projects in the world, the construction of the ITER project. ITER is currently under construction in Cadarache (France) and is working to demonstrate the viability of fusion energy as a clean, abundant and safe source of energy.

To take advantage of the presence of F4E and the ITER project, the FusionCAT project was born in 2019, led by BSC, with four objectives:

  1. Establish a fusion community in Catalonia that involves the main research institutions, universities and industrial partner.
  2. Establish the transfer of technology from the associated institutions to the industry.
  3. To continue developing industrial competitions in Catalonia for the realization of fusion energy.
  4. Give support in technology transfer.

Within the EU Energy Days next 20th of October Andreu Mas-Colell, Josep Maria Martorell and Xavier Ferràs will intervene to explain us how, from their point of view, how Catalonia has become a scientific benchmark. How it should face the challenges of the future and innovation and how to get a greater impact and return to society. In addition, four start-ups in the field of energy from UPC, F4E and IREC will show us how, with proper research and innovation, they have been able to make a niche in a highly competitive market.


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This confernce is part of the FusionCAT project (001-P-001722) that has been 50% co-financed with € 1.960.963,66 by the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union within the framework of the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia, with the support of the Generalitat of Catalonia.